R Collard has considerable experience of providing demolition in healthcare premises and the unique challenges of working in these environments.

Our multi-disciplined workforce is able to plan and deliver enabling works prior to structural demolition such as decommissioning of specialist plant/equipment, targeted service disconnections, asbestos removal and soft-strip.

Many healthcare projects are carried out in semi-occupied premises and we have considerable experience of the added challenges of working alongside a live clinical environment. Extra measures are put in place to prevent preserve air quality: We have encountered the “National Guidelines for the Prevention of Nosocomial Invasive Aspergillosis (NIA) During Construction/Renovation Activities” during hospital demolition projects and we understand that dust control therefore has greater significance in clinical environments that mere nuisance level.

Careful planning is required to sequence the works which enables critical services to be maintained and robust segregation methods are employed to manage the public interface as unobtrusively as possible.

Creating and maintaining good working relationships with hospital’s Facilities or Estates Management Teams are critical to the success of healthcare projects. All our operational staff are familiar with additional vetting/security involved and are given training and instruction in how to work alongside staff, patients and the public.

We can use our in-house expertise to optimise the value and sustainability of healthcare projects. Pre-demolition audits will identify any items that can be carefully salvaged for re-use and our industry-leading recycling rates will assist hospital trusts in demonstrating environmental best-practice.

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