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Aggregates Goring

Aggregates Goring

Our Aggregates division produces a wide range of primary and sustainable recycled aggregates for the sale in the Goring area.

Here at R Collards, we are delighted to be recognised as an industry leader in the supply of aggregates in Goring. We can deliver natural and recycled aggregates in Goring to both commercial and residential clients. We offer our customers access to top-quality recycled aggregates using advanced methods and machinery. Call us today if you need aggregates for your next landscaping or construction project.

Construction projects of any size can benefit from our natural and recycled aggregates. Whether you are building houses on a large construction site or simply resurfacing your driveway, we are here to help. We are able to supply aggregates in Goring in quantities ranging from small grab bags up to sizeable bulk deliveries. If it is more convenient we can use our innovative mobile crushing and screening technology to produce your aggregates on-site.

By using an external independent auditing company for quality control, we help ensure our aggregates are of a high quality. Each consignment goes through this process before being dispatched to our clients. Therefore, all our natural and remediated aggregates in Goring are accompanied by a test certificate to guarantee quality.

Here at R Collard, we also have a range of quality assured and non-quality assured ready mix concrete in Goring. Our ready mix cements are suitable for construction and landscaping jobs that require different levels of strength. For more information about our range of aggregates or ready-mixed concrete in Goring get in touch without delay.

High Grade Recycled Aggregates in Goring

Are you planning to use aggregates, such as topsoil or crushed concrete, in your building project? In that case, we can help reduce costs, and also limit your environmental footprint by providing you with recycled aggregates in Goring. Considered “green” construction materials, recycled aggregates are the perfect choice in any environmentally friendly construction. One of the most significant benefits recycled aggregates offer the environment is the reduced demand on natural resources.

By recycling inert waste, it is possible to significantly reduce the virgin aggregates used in construction. By utilising our onsite recycling solutions, you can eliminate large volume deliveries as well as waste disposal.

Among the challenges facing construction is the fact that urbanisation has reduced the amount of space available for landfill. Creating aggregates on site removes the need to dispose of waste and reduces the need for landfill space.

Operating in an eco-friendly manner does not necessarily increase costs, in fact quite the opposite is true. Aggregates made from recycled materials can be significantly less expensive than those manufactured from virgin materials. When added to the savings on transport costs it can substantially reduce the overall size of your budget. With all the strength and sustainability of their natural counterparts, recycled aggregates in Goring allow you to remain eco-friendly without sacrificing quality. For more information about how our recycled aggregates in Goring can enhance your project, please contact us today.

A Diverse Range of High-Grade Aggregates in Goring

Here at R Collard we can offer a variety of natural and recycled aggregates to industrial, commercial and domestic customers. A cross section of the aggregates we can supply for your construction or landscaping project include:

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Grano Dust
  • Secondary Washed Aggregates
  • Topsoil
  • Root Zone Soil
  • Glass Sand
  • Reclaimed Sands

Concrete Delivery and Production in Goring

Among our wide range of essential construction materials, we can provide customers with graded and non-graded cement products in Goring. Constructed in a number of strengths and consistencies, our concrete products are ideally suited for wide-ranging building projects. All of our quality assured concrete complies with all the requirements of B’EN206:2013& A1:2016&BS8500 and is the ideal choice for projects in which strength is paramount. Conversely, our non-quality assured cement is perfect for kerbs, footings, and nominal mixes.

BSI Quality Assured Concrete in Goring

If you require a ready-mix concrete that provides your project with maximum strength and sustainability we have the solution. All of our BSI approved cement products are tested in accordance with BSI B’EN206:2013 & A1:2016 and BS8500., so clients can be assured of receiving a product of unrivalled quality. The cement we provide conforms to standards set out by industry bodies such as the National House Building Council.

Non-Quality Assured Concrete Production in Goring

Are you looking for ready-mix concrete ideal for renovation projects such as footings, kerbings, or nominal mixes? In this case, we have the solution in the form of our non-quality-assured cement in Goring. For projects where strength is not of primary concern, non-quality assured concrete offers commercial and domestic customers an affordable alternative.

For Local Aggregates and Cement Production in Goring, Choose R Collards today

Here at R Collard we offer industry-leading solutions to any construction or landscaping project with our range of ready-mix concretes and aggregates in Goring. It doesn't matter if you choose virgin aggregates or a green remediated aggregate in Goring you are guaranteed a quality product. Get in touch with our team today to discover how our range of aggregate and cement products can benefit you.