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Aggregates Oxford

Aggregates Oxford

Our Aggregates division produces a wide range of primary and sustainable recycled aggregates for the sale in the Oxford area.

Are you looking for a cost-effective high-grade recycled aggregates option in Oxford? If so, our team at R Collards have the answer. Here at R Collards, we offer a wide range of premium quality recycled aggregates suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial projects. Whether you are looking for an aggregate bag for home use or an onsite recycling option we can help. 

Our complete range of aggregates in Oxford include topsoil, crushed concrete and build aggregates. Our landscaping and construction aggregates provide you with a quality product while allowing you to reduce your environmental footprint.

To ensure quality all our aggregates undergo external auditing. This means all our products are carry certification guaranteeing customers a top-quality product. Our aggregates are ideal for use on large construction projects as well as domestic jobs such as driveways and paths.

Here at R Collards, we also supply a range of graded and non-graded cements. This enables us to supply ready mix concrete for practically any type of job. To get all the information on our complete range of essential building products get in touch today.

High Grade Recycled Aggregates in Oxford

Here at R Collards our team have available to them a range of industry leading recycling techniques. By using these our aim is to provide clients with an affordable eco-friendly aggregate solution. By regenerating materials such as soil and stone we produce quality aggregates while helping sustain the environment. So irrespective of whether you are in need of topsoil or root zone aggregates we are here for you.

Our mobile crushing and screening equipment allows us to process inert waste on site. This is beneficial as it not only reduces cost but limits the strain we place on natural resources. By producing high quality remediated aggregates in Oxford in situ we remove the need to import products to site. This enables clients to help maintain the circular construction industry while still respecting the environment.

Irrespective of the type of project you are undertaking we have an eco-friendly solution. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver aggregates in Oxford for all manner of landscaping and construction products. As a result of our certified aggregates in Oxford you can retain quality while demonstrating environmental best practice. By offering remediated and recycled aggregates we are able to reduce reliance on landfill aggregates. So, if you are in need of quality recycled aggregates for your domestic, commercial or industrial project get in touch today.

A Diverse Range of High-Grade Aggregates in Oxford

Here at R Collard our premium grade recycled aggregates are suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial use. Our complete range of aggregates in Oxford include but are not limited to:

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Grano Dust
  • Secondary Washed Aggregates
  • Topsoil
  • Root Zone Soil
  • Glass Sand
  • Reclaimed Sands

Concrete Production and Delivery in Oxford

Alongside our range of recycled aggregates, we are also able to deliver a range of ready-mix concrete in Oxford. We can supply quality assured concrete compliant with BSEN206:2013 and A1:2016&BSEN8500 for projects where strength is of primary importance. Alternatively, our range of non-quality assured concrete is the perfect choice for smaller jobs requiring nominal mixes. To get all the information on our range of concrete in Oxford call our team today.

BSI Quality Assured Concrete in Oxford

As the leading supplier of BSO standard concrete in Oxford our team is here for you. If you are in need of premium strength concrete that meets a required standard we have the answer. The ability of our quality assured concrete to meet industry standards such as NHBC makes it the perfect choice. If you are looking for a product that meets BSEN206:2013 and A1:2016&BSEN8500 call our team today.

Non-Quality Assured Concrete Production in Oxford

If you are undertaking a project that does not require premium grade concrete we are here for you. Our Non-quality assured concrete in Oxford is manufactured in the same way as the quality assured version except that it contains a higher level of recycled materials. Ideal for use in nominal mixes and for kerbs and footings it provides a good alternative to quality assured concrete for less demanding projects. To get all the information on our non-quality assured concrete in Oxford call us today.

For Local Aggregates and Cement Production in Oxford call R Collards team today

When you are undertaking a construction or landscaping project of any size it is important to equip yourself with the best possible materials. Here at R Collard our range of environmentally friendly recycled aggregates and ready-mix concrete provides you with premium quality at an affordable price. While retaining quality we are also conscious of the need to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. This is the reason our recycled aggregates in Oxford provides customers with the perfect solution for all any commercial, industrial or domestic project. To find out more about our range of aggregates and cements in Oxford call our professional team today.