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Aggregates Wokingham

Aggregates Wokingham

Our Aggregates division produces a wide range of primary and sustainable recycled aggregates for the sale in the Wokingham area.

Here at R Collard, we are proud to offer the most sustainable, high-grade aggregates in Wokingham and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team can deliver a diverse range of recycled aggregates to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients and customers across Wokingham. Whether you’re looking for infill aggregates, topsoil, or build-phase aggregates, we are here to help.

R Collard’s diverse range of landscaping and recycled construction aggregates in Wokingham are environmentally-friendly. We specialise in remediating and recycling aggregates to reduce your environmental footprint and encourage sustainable construction and landscaping. Our aggregates are all independently-audited to ensure they remain of the highest-quality.

For more information on any of our aggregates in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. In addition to popular aggregates, we can also provide a diverse range of cement in Wokingham. Our ready-mixed concrete in Wokingham is available in both quality-assured and non-quality assured styles.

High-Grade, Recycled Aggregates in Wokingham

R Collard’s industry-leading aggregate recycling allows us to create high-quality aggregates from recycled materials, including soil and stone. Whether you’re looking for crushed concrete, topsoil or even root-zone suitable aggregates, we are here for you.

As part of our service, we can offer both aggregate grab bags for delivery to smaller projects and more bespoke aggregate creation on-site. For example, we have the equipment to carry out mobile crushing and screening to quickly process inert wastes in-situ. That means you’ll be able to take advantage of environmentally-friendly aggregate generation on your commercial or industrial worksite.

Thanks to our experience and access to industry-leading equipment, we’re able to generate high-grade aggregates for all kinds of projects. Whether you’re looking for infill aggregates, piling mat materials or build-phase aggregates in Wokingham, we are here for you.

Our high-grade, certified aggregates allow your project to remain at the highest-quality and contribute to the circular construction economy. Thanks to our recycled aggregates in Wokingham, you’ll be able to demonstrate the best in environmental practices, without sacrificing project quality.

A Diverse Range of High-Grade Aggregates in Wokingham

Here at R Collard, we can provide a wide range of aggregates in Wokingham and the surrounding areas. Some of the most popular aggregates that we are asked to provide for domestic, commercial and industrial projects include:

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Grano Dust
  • Secondary Washed Aggregates
  • Topsoil
  • Root Zone Soil
  • Glass Sand
  • Reclaimed Sands

Concrete Production & Delivery Wokingham

In addition to recycled and remediated aggregates, we can also provide concrete mixing services in Wokingham and the surrounding areas. Our ready-mixed concrete is perfect for a wide range of applications, including quality-assured construction and nominal mixes. Whether you’re looking for BSI Quality Assured Concrete to match B” EN 206:2013 + A1:2016 & BS 8500 requirements, or non-quality assured concrete in Wokingham, we are here for you.

BSI Quality Assured Concrete Wokingham

R Collard is Wokingham’s leading supplier of BSO quality-assured concrete. If you’re looking for high-strength concrete, or design mixes, which need to meet a particular standard, we are here for you. Our quality-assured concrete in Wokingham is able to meet a range of industry standards, including NHBC. Some of the certifications that our concrete meet include BS EN 206:2013 + A1:2016 & BS 8500. For more information on whether our quality-assured concrete is right for your needs, get in touch today.

Non-Quality Assured Concrete Production Wokingham

In addition to high-grade concrete, we also provide non-quality assured concrete in Wokingham and the surrounding areas. While it is produced in the same way, this concrete contains a higher percentage of recycled products. That means it is more suitable for those features where strength isn’t necessarily the first concern. This includes nominal mixes, kerbing and footings.

For competitively-priced and convenient concrete production from R Collard’s Wokingham team, get in touch today! We are here to help you cut costs and improve environmental-friendliness, without sacrificing quality and reliability.

For Local Aggregates & Cement Production in Wokingham, Call R Collard’s Experienced Team Today!

Here at R Collard, we can provide a complete range of cement production and aggregates in Wokingham and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for domestic, commercial, or industrial products, we are here to help. For more information on our diverse range of aggregates, cement production or any of the other essential services that R Collard’s Wokingham team can provide, get in touch today!