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Aggregates Woodley

Aggregates Woodley

Our Aggregates division produces a wide range of primary and sustainable recycled aggregates for the sale in the Woodley area.

Are you about to undertake a commercial or domestic renovation project that requires quality aggregates in Woodley? If so, our experienced team at R Collard are here for you. With solutions ranging from aggregate grab bags for smaller domestic use, to mobile crushing and screening equipment that produces recycled aggregates in Woodley on site, we have every situation covered. It doesn’t matter whether you need crushed concrete, topsoil or rootzone aggregates, we have the solution. As one of the country’s leading suppliers of virgin and recycled aggregates, we are able to meet the requirements of our client base.

Here at R Collard, we strive to deliver the highest quality aggregates in Woodley to both the commercial and domestic markets. This is accomplished by using an external audit team to validate all of our natural and recycled aggregates in Woodley. This means that each consignment we deliver is accompanied by a certificate of quality.

Using eco-friendly products has become an important consideration for all environmentally conscious companies. The utilisation of our range of recycled aggregates ensures you a quality product while keeping any impact on the environment to a minimum.

With our range of premium aggregates, we also offer graded and ungraded concrete products in Woodley. Whether you are undertaking a domestic landscaping job or large commercial construction projects we have the perfect grade of cement for you. If you are interested in learning more about our complete range of natural and recycled aggregates in Woodley, contact us today.

High Grade Recycled Aggregates in Woodley

Having access to industry leading techniques, machinery and processes allows us to produce a range of quality recycled aggregates in Woodley. Inert waste can be transformed on site into quality aggregate products by using the latest mobile crushing and screening equipment. As a result, we can manufacture high quality recycled aggregates suitable for use in all different types of construction projects.

By producing aggregates on-site, a project can save money while having a positive impact on the environment. Consequently, there is a reduction in the need for the transport and waste disposal requirements of any project. Utilising recycled aggregates will result in a reduction in the demand for virgin aggregates. As a result, the pressure on natural resources can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Our certified recycled aggregates have been shown to have the same properties as natural aggregates. That means you can confidently use them in all manner of construction projects secure in the knowledge that quality will not be compromised. Construction projects can be completed in a cost-effective, eco-friendly manner with our recycled aggregates in Woodley.

If you’d like to find out more about our wide range of recycled aggregate products in Woodley, please get in touch today.

A Diverse Range of High-Grade Aggregates in Woodley

Here at R Collard, we pride ourselves on offering an industry leading range of recycled and virgin aggregates in Woodley. Here are some of the aggregates that continue to be requested by our customers on a regular basis:

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Grano Dust
  • Secondary Washed Aggregates
  • Topsoil
  • Root Zone Soil
  • Glass Sand
  • Reclaimed Sands

Concrete Production and Delivery in Woodley

Besides eco-friendly remediated aggregates, we also offer a complete range of ready-mix cement products. No matter if you need lower grade cement for nominal mixes, or quality assured cement for a major construction project, we have the answer. Call us right away to find out more about our British standard BSEN206:2013 & BSEN8500 assured concretes or our non-graded cements.

BSI Quality Assured Concrete in Woodley

If you need a ready-mix concrete that will offer you maximum strength and solidity, we are here for you. BSI quality assured concrete in Woodley conforms to British Standards such as BSEN206:2013 and A1:2016 & BSEN8500, meaning you can rely on it to withstand the rigours of even the most demanding project. To discover how our quality assured concrete in Woodley can benefit your business, get in touch today.

For Local Aggregates and Cement Production in Woodley call R Collards team today

Here at R Collards, we supply a wide variety of aggregates and cement products to customers in Woodley and surrounding areas. If you need aggregates or ready-mix concrete for your residential, commercial, or industrial project, we are here for you. To talk to our team about the exact specifications of your building project, call us without delay!