Demolition case study - Addlestone

Date: 06/07/2017

Key Facts

  • Demolition of two storey shops with flats above.
  • Demolition of traditional masonry built 4 storey block of maisonettes. (The structure was attached to an adjacent block by an external concrete fire escape that was to remain)
  • Demolition of 2 storey large detached house and Cottages
  • Demolition of a below ground fallout shelter and underground fuel storage tank.
  • Removal of all fencing, gates, signage, lighting columns, posts and bollards
  • Breakout existing slabs and foundations to a maximum depth of 2m
  • All suitable arisings were crushed on site to 6f2 grade and stockpiled on site for re-use


  • Location: Addlestone Town Centre, Surrey
  • Duration: 4 months (complete)
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