Demolition case study - Fleet

Date: 17/05/2019

The project comprised of asbestos removal, soft strip and demolition of the former Hart Leisure Centre, in the busy town of Fleet.

Key Facts

  • Securing of the site – inspect hoarding previously erected, fencing and site set up
  • Verification and isolation of all redundant services into the buildings and protection of any live services/retained sewers/drainage
  • Demolition of existing building, including asbestos removal
  • Floor slab and foundations also removed
  • Crushing of hardcore/concrete for use as backfill
  • Voids back filled and compacted with crushed demolition arisings and the top 150mm top soiled and seeded
  • Pin kerb laid between the demolition area and the tarmac
  • Disposal of all unsuitable arisings and hoarding to the perimeter of the site removed

Location: Hart Leisure Centre, Fleet
Duration: Late 2018 until early 2019

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