Wokingham Relief Road

Balfour Beatty

About this project

We were delighted to been awarded the £4m earthworks contract for the Wokingham North West Distributor Road in June 2020. The construction of this new distributor road will aim to provide access to 4000 new homes being built in Wokingham by 2026, helping to minimise the impact of the increased traffic these new developments will bring.

Our programme for this project is helping to prepare for the construction of the new two-lane carriageway, approximately 1.2km long and referred to as Wokingham West of Old Forest Road. The  project includes the import, placement and compaction of over 60,000 tonnes of recycled fill material next to the existing railway which will form an abutment to allow the new road to span over the railway. This new road is proposed to be constructed to the north of Wokingham town centre and will extend from Old Forest Road in the east and tie into the existing Reading Road (A329) south of the M4 motorway.

Our work as part of this civil engineering project forms part of the major highways programme for Wokingham Council. After having completed the first phase of this early works project by Mid-September 2020, we have started on the second phase which was remobilised in April despite mitigating difficult weather conditions and our teams deploying effective water management to tackle these issues.

Achievements while on this project – Balfour Beatty Suitability award, south east region 2021

We received the BB sustainability award due to our innovative value engineered solution to recycle waste material and reuse it onsite. As a result, we were able to divert a significant volume of unusable materials by reprocessing them in our own facilities into a fully compliant recycled aggregate.

This process not only enabled us to save high project costs but allowed us to recycle materials to a high specification which was able to exceed our clients’ expectations and improved their stability outputs for the project.

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