Our demolition experience ranges from high-rise flats and offices, to retail and factories.


We have the knowledge, experience, management systems and resources to safely deliver demolition projects involving every conceivable type of structure from industrial units to public sector buildings, commercial and residential properties.

We have been operating in the demolition industry for over 25 years. Our experienced management team and highly trained and skilled operational workforce ensure projects are delivered on-time, to specification and budget.
We call upon the multi-disciplined expertise, skills and resources of the Collard Group to deliver every aspect of complex demolition projects.

We manage every stage from planning and licences to site establishment, design and installation of temporary works, decommissioning and decontamination, soft-strip, structural demolition and removal / recycling of wastes to prepare Greenfield and Brownfield sites for redevelopment.

R Collard Ltd is a corporate member of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC).

High Reach Demolition

Our demolition experience includes various high-rise and multi-storey buildings. We eliminate the risk of our workforce working at height by operating machines up to 70 tonnes with a 32 metre reach. Projects of this kind involve meticulous planning and sequencing to ensure stability of the building throughout the demolition process, all of which is appraised at the pre-commencement stage to mitigate any risks.

Structural Demolition

A lot of the buildings which we demolish are constructed using structural steel or concrete frames. We demolish these buildings in a careful, top-down sequence using mechanical techniques to minimise noise, vibration and dust.

Sustainable Solutions

We employ the expert services of our in-house Waste Management Division to seamlessly manage the collection, removal and processing of demolition arisings. Using one of our nine licensed Materials Recycling Facilities located across the South of England we sort wastes into individual material streams ready for re-processing. Over 99.5% of our demolition arisings are recycled or sent for energy recovery.
We have developed sophisticated systems to minimise the environmental impact of our demolition works. We deploy methods for limiting the emissions of noise, vibration and dust combined with traffic management and community engagement, before and throughout, to ensure we minimise disturbance and disruption.

Case Studies

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