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Structural Alterations

Structural Alterations

Expertise in structural alterations

We’ve specialist expertise in planning and delivering structural alterations to existing buildings. Sometimes referred to as cut-and-carve.

We plan and deploy structural alteration projects when complete demolition isn’t necessary or required. This is becoming more prevalent against the backdrop of climate change. Altering existing buildings can have less of an impact on the environment than demolishing them completely.

Our highly-specialist cut-and-carve techniques and temporary works are designed to make structural alterations to your existing building to repair damage or repurpose its use.

This might include strengthening unstable walls, removing load-bearing walls, adding additional walls, excavating basements, reinforcing concrete works, or concrete drilling and cutting.

Waste from cut-and-carve projects is often taken to one of our nine licensed recycling facilities that can process around one million tonnes of waste each year.

Our work successfully changes the look or use of various types of buildings or properties, and we have access to a range of talented designers and engineers who can help you to achieve your vision.

Making sure we maintain the structural stability of your building is critical. As is avoiding impeding future work. That’s where our extensive experience comes in, combined with the latest tools, technology, and techniques.

Our end-to-end approach to structural alterations ensures that your project is delivered safely and sustainably with a relentless focus on sticking to time, budget, and quality objectives.