Land Remediation

We provide a range of treatment approaches to land remediation including chemical, biological, physical and thermal treatment.

Land Remediation

We have the knowledge, experience, management systems and resources to safely deliver land remediation projects including contaminated soils treatment and brownfield site regeneration.

We have been undertaking land remediation works for over 25 years. Our experienced management team and highly trained and skilled operational workforce ensure projects are delivered on-time, to specification and budget. 

Over recent years, there has been an increasing need for development to be on brownfield land rather than greenfield to protect the natural environment.

We can call upon the multi-disciplined expertise, skills and resources of the Collard Group to deliver every aspect of complex land remediation projects. We have extensive experience of overcoming a wide range of challenges and pride ourselves on our ability to find the most cost effective and efficient solutions for our clients, whilst minimising environmental impacts.

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