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Health and safety heroes!

Two Operatives based at our Chilton Waste and Recycling Facility were the latest recipients of a big ‘Thank You’ from our Health and Safety department, for demonstrating efforts that are over and above what is expected to help maintain or improve safety standards on site.

Piotr Trybulec and Dan Long were each gifted a £25 Amazon Gift Card for their efforts in constructing a safe passage (some 200m long!) around the boundary of the site.  This has enabled staff to access the rear of the yard without crossing any of the ‘live’ areas at all, removing the potential time spent interacting with moving traffic to zero.

We actively recognise and reward in-house initiatives from front-line staff that streamline or improve existing safety standards.

Chris Walsh, Head of Health and Safety said “It was a no-brainer really. They built this walkway off their own back and used their own initiative to improve an area of safety that is always a major concern in any industry.”



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