Phase 1 Complete

Date: 13/08/2019

The first phase of our demolition project at Binsey Walk in Thamesmead was successfully completed on time and within budget on the 31st July 2019. This first phase required our demolition team to safely strip out and demolish the Binsey Walk Northern Block including removal of ground floor slabs, reinforced concrete substructures, concrete encased and piled drainage (except where to be retained), recording and cropping of piles and crushing of masonry and concrete arisings. The completion of this work will now allow our client to progress with the residential development to this part of the site.

A major part of the remaining works is dependent on the diversion of services (gas, water, electricity, cable TV and telephones) with the careful coordination of these diversions being essential to the successful completion of the project. The electrical diversions require us to install a new sub-station on piled foundations. Our demolition team have been in communication with each of the utility companies for a period of months and we are confident our overall completion date for these works will be achieved by December 2019.

We also welcome Jason Harle, our new Project Manager to this project, who will be based at Binsey Walk on a full time basis until the completion of this project. Jason has worked in demolition for most of his career and has worked on a vast number of projects throughout the South of England with experience of virtually every type of demolition including ‘façade retention’ and ‘top down’ works. Jason reports to our Contracts Manager, Simon King who will remain involved with the project until completion.

Our project is a small part of our client's vision to make Thamesmead an area people choose to live, work and visit.


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