Attention Scrap Kings

Date: 17/09/2020

Our demolition team are proud once again to be filmed for the Scrap Kings programme, now in series 3. This time the award-winning factual series that focuses on the people demolishing and scrapping Britain’s redundant buildings, structures and vehicles will join us at our demolition project at Aldershot Army Barracks.

The Scrap Kings production team follow the largest firms in demolition and construction, celebrating the highly trained teams involved in huge engineering challenges. Now in its fourth year of production the aim still remains to highlight the hard working heroes at the coal face of the circular economy, transforming the face of Britain and preparing the ground for the future.

Scrap Kings' new episodes are running on Discovery Quest TV at 9pm on Tuesdays or you can catch up on DPlay, the Discovery Network's online platform.

Be ready for our next scheduled episode on the 29th September or catch up on DPlay for our previous episode on the 15th September.

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