Charity & Community News - Feb 2021

Date: 12/02/2021

Next month our Senior Quantity Surveyor, Cian Hynes, is participating in a charity event to raise awareness and funds for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) which is leading the movement against suicide in young people and, in particular, men under the age of 45 who make up 75% of all deaths by taking your own life in the UK. On Saturday 21st March he and a friend will be running from their local rugby club in Hendon to Twickenham for the charity.

If you would like to contribute to his fund visit

Cian’s fundraising activities have become an annual event. He has previously raised funds for Blind Veterans UK, and Prostate Cancer Research among others. For more information about CALM visit

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Non-league football fans might like to know that our Head of Health and Safety, Chris Walsh, has recently been appointed to the Board of Basingstoke Town Community Football Club. Chris has previously volunteered for the Club in various guises, but is clearly glad to step up to the top level.

“I have to pinch myself occasionally,” said Chris, “To think that I now have a significant influence over the Football Club I have grown up with is a dream come true. I want to thank everyone that took the decision to vote for me.”

During the 2016/17 season, The Dragons were evicted from the ground it had called home for over 40 years by the previous owner. Since then, the Club has reformed into a ‘community-owned’ football club and is now known as ‘Basingstoke Town Community Football Club’, which is managed under a completely new regime.

“The transition to a community-owned club has made it more transparent, democratic and accountable,” continues Chris, “Ultimately, we are now responsible for bringing the football back to the people that support it. Our temporary home is at the Hampshire FA facility in Winklebury, but our campaign to return home to The Camrose is well underway – watch this space!”

Basingstoke currently play in the Southern League Division 1, but with a clear strategy in place behind the scenes, they are aiming their sights a little higher.

Chris believes there is no reason why the Club cannot grow to the size of Aldershot or Woking FC:

“The town is certainly big enough to support that,” he says, “But right now, we are just looking for a few pieces of the plan to fall into place, and we must be realistic with our short-term expectations. One thing I do know is that we are nothing without the fans, so when football does eventually return, I would personally urge people to come and support their local team – it’s a great experience.”

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We were pleased to be able to help Longparish Little School who are making a nature area for their preschool children so they can do more gardening and explore nature (pic right).

We were also delighted to be able to assist Longparish Parish Council who have finally succeeded in purchasing the Plough pub (see pic). This is a very exciting project for the village, involving lots of volunteers guided by professionals. The property has been empty for 5 years and a huge amount of work needs to be done before it can be opened in June/July. The link to the project website explains what the community has achieved and about the pub it is aiming to open for the community

Yateley Unit FC continue their fundraising efforts to enable them to build a new clubhouse at the Sean Devereaux playing fields in Yateley

We continue to support Fleet Town FC who are proud to display R Collard advertising boards at their ground

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