Contracting News - October 2020

Date: 14/10/2020

Despite the reduced turnover within the Contracting Department brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, our demolition, enabling works and metal recycling teams have been extremely busy and the department is still looking forward to a record breaking year. Turnover was substantially reduced between March and June but has picked up significantly since then and it means that turnover in 2020 will be the highest in the history of R Collard Ltd.

The projects that have contributed to this success are:

Coralline Walk - Thamesmead, London

This £4 million demolition project started in March and is due for completion in July 2021. The Coralline Walk project followed the success of our Binsey Walk project at Thamesmead which also included large scale alterations to the utilities. The construction of a new road and the closure of various public areas was also required at Coralline Walk which involved liaising with the London Borough of Bexley for public footpath and road closures.

The project has progressed extremely well and we anticipate the structural demolition to be virtually complete in 2020. This will leave some utility diversions to be completed in 2021 and as a result a large part of the turnover will be carried out in 2020 rather than 2021.

Mill Chase Academy - Bordon, Hampshire

This demolition project is due to be completed in two phases. The full programme of works includes services isolation, asbestos removal and the demolition of all buildings including the floor slabs and foundations.

The school closed in 2019 allowing the demolition to start earlier this year but the gym remains in operation until November 2020 therefore the project needed to allow for these special considerations. After having completed the first phase early, our demolition team are ready to move onto the second phase very quickly as soon as the gym is vacated. As a result we hope to bring forward the completion date for the project by several weeks and the vast majority of the £1 million project will be completed in 2020.

North Wokingham Distributor Road

With plans for 4000 new homes to be built in Wokingham by 2026, the impact of the increase in traffic that these houses will naturally generate will be minimised by the construction of the North Wokingham Distributor Road. Our works for this project includes the import, placement and compaction of over 60,000 tonnes of recycled fill material next to the existing railway which will form an abutment to allow the new road to span over the railway.

After having completed the first phase of this early works project by the end of September this year, we have started on the second phase. The project will contribute approximately £3 million to turnover in 2020.


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