Demolition news - August 2018

Date: 09/08/2018

Demolition updates from several of our key project sites at Greenford, the Mars factory and Unilever building in Slough.

  • The photographs show the structural steel framework that has been designed and installed by us as part our temporary works at our Greenford site. Over 20 tonnes of steelwork was erected to support an existing steel sheet piled wall that in turn supported a 300mm diameter gas main running in a road immediately adjacent to the demolition works. This was necessary to enable the demolition of a nine metre deep basement and will be removed when the demolition works are completed.
  • Our demolition of the Mars Factory has now completed.
  • We are pleased to have won a large £750,000 contract for demolition and slab removal at the former Unilever building in Slough.

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