Demolition News - July 2020

Date: 14/07/2020

We are pleased to announce that the Binsey Walk project in Thamesmead East London has achieved practical completion.

The project comprised of:

  • safely stripping out and demolishing the Binsey Walk Northern Block including removal of ground floor slabs, reinforced concrete substructures, concrete encased and piled drainage (except where to be retained), recording and cropping of piles and crushing of masonry and concrete arisings
  • planning and management of the diversion of the utilities 
  • installation of a new sub-station on piled foundations
  • working immediataly adjacent to Thamesmead library which continued to operate throughout our work
  • acquiring a licence from Natural England as we could not avoid disturbing the resident bats

The key to success on this project was careful planning and co-ordination. A particularly important part of the project was the alteration and diversion of various utilities; gas, electricity, CCTV, water and telecommunications all had major works to be undertaken.

Our client complimented us for the excellent work and a very well organised site. Our Contracts Manager, Simon King, and supervisor, Jason Knee, must take the credit for this because their hard work and dedication cannot be questioned throughout the project. As a testament to the success of the project, the client has awarded us a similar, but much larger, project at Coralline Walk in Thamesmead.

The new Coralline Walk project is similar in that it also includes large scale alterations to the utilities. It also includes the construction of a new road and the closure of various public areas. This involves liaising with the London Borough of Bexley regarding public footpath and road closures.

Simon King is contracts managing the new project at Coralline Walk and our site manager Jason Knee is taking a break from this project with Cristian Radu taking his place.

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