R Collard Supports Mental Health Awareness Day

Date: 10/10/2019

R Collard is proud to support Mental Health Awareness Day, 2019! Looking after the mental health of our employees is something we take extremely seriously. With mental health issues becoming more serious and prevalent in everyday society, we believe that it’s up to everyone and every company to take mental health awareness seriously. So, whether our employees are working on providing local skip hire or carrying large-scale earthworks projects at the other end of the country, we do everything in our power to support their mental health.

Raising Awareness on Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

At R Collard, we’ve done our part to support Mental Health Awareness Day, 2019. To help raise awareness across Reading and the surrounding areas, all our trucks and lorries have been decorated with green ribbons to mark the day. So, whether we’re delivering skips or carrying collecting waste from businesses in the local area, our trucks and lorries are proud to fly the flag for Mental Health Awareness Day.

Supporting R Collard’s Employees

We’re doing more than raising awareness when it comes to mental health. Here at R Collard, we take our employee’s mental health extremely seriously. That’s why we offer a year-round open office with our HR department. If any of our employees are struggling with their mental health, our HR department’s doors are always open for a coffee and a chat. Sometimes, all it takes to make a real difference to someone’s mental health is a friendly ear.

What’s more, if there are specific problems at work contributing to any mental health difficulties, we always look into them to see if there are more effective, less stressful alternatives which could be implemented.

It’s the responsibility of every business to take their employees’ mental health seriously. Here at R Collard, we are proud of the supportive system we have in place, available to all our employees, all-year-round!

Providing Managers with Mental Health Training in the Workplace

In addition to HR support, we’ve provided all our managerial staff with booklets focused on mental health in the workplace. Thanks to the information in these books, our managers are able to recognise the signs of mental health difficulties and offer essential advice and support to vulnerable team members.

Constantly developing our company’s ability to improve mental health in the workplace is extremely important. Here at R Collard, we’re able to provide a complete range of mental health support to all our employees, from managers to interns.

Raising Money for Mental Health Awareness Day

In addition to raising awareness, we’re also selling Mental Health Day ribbons at our reception. The profits from these green ribbons will go straight to Mental Health Day, helping to fund next year’s projects to raise awareness. So, in addition to looking stunning in a distinctive green ribbon, you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you’re helping to raise awareness and money for one of the UK’s noblest causes.

R Collard is Proud to Support Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Here at R Collard, we understand how important mental health support is in the workplace. That’s why we aren’t just committed to helping our employees one day a year. Instead, we have a range of company-wide practices which are dedicated to improving mental health in the workplace.

For more information on the wide range of services that R Collard’s experienced team can provide, get in touch today! You can reach our award-winning team today by calling us directly on 01252 844688. Alternatively, use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mental Health Awareness Day
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