Major earthworks for North West Distributor Road

Date: 15/06/2020

We are delighted to have been awarded the earthworks (early works) contract for the North West Distributor Road, West of Old Forest Road.

There will be 4000 new homes built in Wokingham by 2026 and the aim is for the North West Distributor Road to provide access to these new developments and help minimise the impact of increased traffic.

Our work programme

Our early works programme will help to prepare for the construction of a new two-lane carriageway, approximately 1.2km long and referred to as West of Old Forest Road. This new road is proposed to be constructed to the north of Wokingham town centre and will extend from Old Forest Road in the east and tie into the existing Reading Road (A329) south of the M4 motorway. The proposed development will aim to include the following:

  • New single two-lane carriageway to be 7.3m wide with 3.5m shared cycle/ footway each side of the road plus street lighting;
  • Carriageway overbridge and associated approach embankments over the Reading to Wokingham railway line;
  • A new culvert under the proposed carriageway within current arboretum land;
  • Permanent closing and local re-alignment of a short section of Old Forest Road at the eastern end of the proposed road where a new junction is proposed;
  • Road to be raised when extending across existing flood extents;
  • Installation of highway boundary fences;
  • Relocation of the allotment gardens in the west of the site to land off Woodward Close, adjacent to the Royal British Legion Club and north of the M4;
  • Relocation of an electricity sub-station located in the west of the site; and
  • Construction of a retaining wall at the eastern end of the scheme, adjacent to Old Forest Road

This package forms part of the major highways programme for Wokingham Council with our early works contract taking place over 12 weeks. This work could potentially lead into to a further extended works package for the remaining earthworks as part of this highway development.

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