Reading Clear Up

Date: 19/09/2019

This month we successfully removed over 650 tonnes of mixed waste from Reading Festival, one of the oldest popular music festivals held at Richfield Avenue in Reading. 

We supplied Reading Festival with 154 (1100 litre) wheelie bins to collect all of the rubbish generated by such a large event, whilst our four dustcarts were also working day and night to help clear the festival site within 7 days.

The hundreds of tonnes of waste removed to be processed and recycled included; plastic, card, cans, textiles, metals and glass. Of course, as part of this mixed waste there were many leftover tents along the way which will be processed at our Eversley waste management centre.

Karen Collard from our Reading office thanked Glen Long, our senior yard supervisor and his team who have been preparing for weeks to be ready for such a large project. Karen would also like to thank Russell Ellcome our Operations Manager for the Eversley yard and Paul Williams, one of our Transport Planners who worked tirelessly with their team preparing the three bulkers which were on turnaround for the clear up.


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