Enabling Works


Our comprehensive range of services allows us to provide and manage all of the disciplines required in complex demolition projects including establishing the site in preparation for the demolition phase. This can involve:

  • Designing and installing the perimeter with fencing / hoardings etc
  • Implementing security systems including CCTV, patrols etc
  • Arranging for surveys of the buildings’ structure and services, to identify the presence of asbestos and other ground contaminants and to locate and map underground structures
  • Designing and installing temporary works 
  • Condition surveys of adjacent buildings, roads, footpaths etc
  • Decommissioning of M&E and other plant and equipment
  • Removal of hazardous materials including asbestos
  • Relocation, disconnection and capping of services

Our post-demolition services to prepare the site for the build phase include remediating the ground of contaminants, removal of hardstandings and bulk earthworks including importation of engineered material for infill and the installation of piling mats.


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Enabling Works
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