Structural Alterations


R Collard has been providing a specialist service to deliver cut-and-carve projects to modify and remodel buildings prior to major renovation for many years. We work closely with architects and designers at the planning stage to devise practical ways of implementing and realising their vision.

We offer a fully comprehensive service from planning to arranging structural surveys that will inform the design and installation of temporary works schemes to back-prop and underpin the internal structure and support the building during the demolition and build phases.

Specialist techniques such as saw cutting, diamond drilling and use of remote-controlled plant enable new openings to be formed and the internal structure of buildings to be modified to enable expansion or changes to client requirements.

Structural alterations we can implement include:

  • Removal of lift cores
  • Formation of new openings e.g. doors, corridors etc
  • Creation of lightwells and atria
  • Installation of structural steelwork
  • Excavation of basements

Additional care is taken when working in semi-occupied properties or adjacent to live buildings to segregate the works, minimise noise, vibration and maintain air quality.


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Structural Alterations
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