Structural Demolition


We have vast experience of demolishing all types of structure from medium to high rise residential and commercial blocks to offices, industrial units and public sector buildings.

We can supply all of the enabling works prior to structural demolition including site establishment, service disconnections, surveying, decontamination and strip-out to planning, designing and installing temporary works to ensure safe, controlled demolition of structures that will remain self-supported throughout.

We have expertise and experience of implementing the full range of demolition techniques to suit each individual circumstance. Long reach machinery can be employed where adequate space and environmental considerations permit.

In urban or city-centre locations where buildings are typically enclosed or bounded by occupied premises, traffic and pedestrians our methodology is better described as deconstruction. Structures are typically scaffolded and demolished in a careful, top-down, floor-by-floor sequence using hand and mechanical techniques to dismantle the structure in-situ to minimise emissions of noise, vibration and dust.

Our management teams have considerable experience of liaising with authorities to arrange licences and agree methodology as well as the local communities to streamline the process and minimise disruption and complaints.

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Structural Demolition
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