Golf course construction


R Collard provides sustainable cost-effective services to facilitate every stage of golf course development and construction. We work closely with architects, developers and specialist contractors to streamline the process from design to completion.

Bulk earthworks capabilities enable us to excavate and relocate material in-situ or we can prepare and deliver engineered imported material using recycled inert construction and civil engineering wastes to shape the contours and provide the texture for your course while enhancing the environmental credentials of the development process. We can obtain environmental permits for any imported materials.

Our experts will liaise with your design team to generate bespoke material solutions that match the specifications needed for various aspects of your golf course including:

  • Engineered infill
  • Aggregates - Path gravels, pebbles, Bunker sand and decorative aggregates
  • Range of clays for water features
  • Topsoil
  • Bark

Our haulage services will ensure delivery of materials to site and we have specialist plant and labour to profile/shape the material to your designer’s specifications.

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