Land Remediation


We offer a comprehensive range of skills, services and resources to carry out ex-situ and in-situ remediation to decontaminate Brownfield sites and prepare them for the re-development phase.

The land and groundwater on former industrial locations is often polluted with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, fertilizers and asbestos which pose a risk to the health of contractors and residents of any future development.

We provide developers with a complete remediation package from consultancy to sampling and testing, excavation, treatment, re-deposit, re-grading and waste disposal. Our vast experience of the discipline enables us to provide expert advice and value-engineering to ensure the most suitable and cost-effective remediation methodology is used.

We can carry out all of the excavation and associated enabling work including liaising with the Environment Agency which strictly regulates this discipline. Our WAMITAB-accredited management team will monitor and document the source, processing techniques and destination of all remediated material to provide full chain-of-custody and traceability required by the Regulations.

Our expertise includes the following remediation technologies:

  • Pick/Sort – typically used to process land contaminated with asbestos
  • Bio-remediation – controlled treatment of contaminated land with biological agents to degrade and neutralise hydrocarbons, nitrate and sulphate-based fertilizers
  • Soil stabilisation –excavated material treated with chemical additives such as lime, ash or cement to immobilise and encapsulate contaminants and increase the strength and load bearing capacity
  • Screen/Sort –removes non-hazardous material such as hardcore, timber and stone to produce a homogenous sub-base
  • Soil washing – uses detergents to clean and decontaminate material with high granular content
  • Pump & Treat – involves pumping contaminated groundwater to a purification facility where it is treated with chemical reagents and filters
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