Landfill Linings and capping


UK Landfill sites are required to be lined in a manner that minimises possible impacts on the surrounding environment. We have the expertise and resources to provide engineered material that can be used as a low permeability barrier in conjunction with a synthetic membrane to contain hazardous wastes in-situ.

We use clays extracted from inert wastes by our state-of-the-art wash plant in Eversley, Hampshire to provide a sustainable solution to landfill requirements. Our In-house logistics services will deliver the material to site and we can provide the plant and specialist labour to deposit and compact it in-situ. 

Capping layers used in highways solutions typically consist of granular sub base material <150mm diameter which is used to form a stable formation level on top of a silt clay or heavy clay sub grade.  The capping layer gives sufficient load bearing capacity to carry machinery and to protect the sub grade formation from the weight of fully laden dumpers during construction work. 

We can process inert wastes to produce recycled material for capping layers which is produced to Series 600 Highways Specifications including 6F1, 6F2, 6F3, 6F4, 6F5 and 6S.

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