Sound bunds


Sound Bunds

We have the experience and resources to create stable, safe and aesthetically acceptable landscape features which act as an acoustic barrier, screening sound from highways, airports, railways, manufacturing sites and other noise-emitting sources. Our noise pollution solutions are fully sustainable, using recycled material from inert construction civil engineering wastes to form the structures.  Our logistics services import materials directly to site while we supply specialist plant and trained operatives to shape and profile the structure to design specifications.  We can even provide the topsoil to enable the bund to be landscaped, creating an aesthetically-pleasing acoustic barrier.

Sound buds - also known as acoustic bunds - are a well-known method of reducing this noise pollution.  These mounds of soil usually feature at the boundary of a site with the aim of creating a barrier between a site and the noise-sensitive properties on the other side.  Over the years, R Collard has worked on a variety of acoustic and sound bunds projects including waste treatment areas, airports, railway sidings and much more.  For more information, get in touch with R Collard today by calling us directly on 01252 844688.

The Benefits

Sounds bunds offer various benefits for medium to large-scale projects.  As well as providing noise effective noise barriers, they are also great for controlling anti-social behavior for parks, highways, grass verges and industrial estates.  All sounds bunds installed are designed to a high standard and will be maintenance-free for up to 30 years.  When at the planning stage of construction and development, noise pollution should be seriously considered to make the project and finished development more attractive to potential buyers and to increase the value.  Being soil reinforcement specialists, R Collard offers the full package to create stable and safe acoustic bunds.  The sound and acoustic bunds are highly absorbent and serve as an excellent insulator.  Furthermore, they’re also graffiti-resistant.

Moreover, the sound bunds that we install contribute positively towards protecting the environment and blend in naturally to the surrounding environment.  The noise barrier consists of just three components which are;-

  • Framework trellis profiles.
  • Outer mats.
  • Vertical supports.

Why Choose R Collard?

Our team at R Collard can work closely with you to provide and install high-quality and fully effective sound busts to reduce noise pollution.  We have over 25 years’ experience and you’ll receive full technical support from our engineers from start to finish.  We are passionate about positively contributing towards a more sustainable environment and associated plants growth helps with this as it reduces CO2 in the atmosphere.  R Collard are proud to be an industry-leading company and we have recently been awarded two prestigious awards that underlie our strong and growing reputation with a clear passion and mission to make a difference.

Contact R Collard

If you’re looking to find out more about our acoustic bunds and how they can positively impact your project, we would love to hear from you.  Acoustic bunds are ideal for airport, railway and manufacturing sites where reduced noise is paramount.  You can get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today to learn more by calling 01252 844688 or use our contact form.

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