Construction & Demolition


R Collard has the experience, plant and equipment to provide an integrated service to manage mixed construction and demolition wastes creating a sustainable closed-loop solution for our clients.

Skips provided for on-site sorting into individual material streams are returned to our MRF for further processing or, if space is at a premium, we transport mixed C & D wastes off-site for sorting. Mixed construction waste that arrives at our MRF passes through an initial pre-sort stage to remove oversized items such as timber, metal and plastic while remaining items pass through a trommel to sieve the material by size.

Concrete is crushed using specialist equipment to produce high quality crushed concretes to various grades, including the highest DOT certified material. Our recycled aggregates (link to wash plant), available in all sizes and grades are ready for use in construction and civil engineering products and can be delivered or collected from our quarry.

These processes and facilities allow us to produce industry-leading recycling rates helping to provide our customers with evidence of environmental best practice.

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