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If you’re looking for a quick and convenient alternative to skip hire in your local area, mega bag hire is essential. Our experienced team can provide a wide range of mega bags to homes and businesses across the South of England. Otherwise known as big yellow bags, these skip hire alternatives are perfect for disposing of a wide range of waste types. Whether you’re in need of an effective waste removals service for your home or business, R Collards’ industry-leading range of mega bag hire services are here for you. Most standard grab bags can hold around 1 tonne – however, mage grab bags are able to hold 1.5 tonnes, allowing for 50% more waste to disposed of per grab bag.

Our experienced team can provide durable mega bags which can tackle a wide range of waste types. Whether you need to dispose of mixed waste, or large quantities of one waste stream, we are here for you. R Collard is one of the UK’s leading providers of waste collection, removal, and disposal services.  For more information on the benefits of our leading mega grab bag hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Why Choose Mega Bag Hire in Reading from R Collards?

Here at R Collards, we are extremely proud to offer industry-leading mega bag hire across the South of England. These big yellow bags are an effective way of dealing with all kinds of waste types, from paper to aggregates, wood, and general waste. Whatever kinds of waste you need to remove from your home or business, we are here for you.

In addition to the waste versatility of these mega bags, they can also be positioned in a wider range of locations that traditional skips. As these bags are lightweight, smaller in size and more malleable, they can be positioned almost anywhere on your property. What’s more, once these bags have been filled, they can be lifted by our small, compact HIAB equipment, meaning they can be positioned in gardens and other areas with lower accessibility than skip hire would need.

While a grab bag is more versatile than a traditional skip, our lorry and HIAB crane will still need to be able to reach the bag itself. Ideally, you should position your skip at the front of your property to allow for an easy retrieval over walls, fences and other potential blockages. Along with the grab bags themselves, we will also lift all associated spoils to ensure they are removed to our recycling facilities.

Whether you’re looking to deal with large quantities of domestic, commercial, or even construction waste, we are here for you.

How Does Mega Bag Hire Work?

It’s simple! You collect (or we deliver) the mega skip bag to your home or business. From there, you fill it up as and when you see fee fit. Once the bag is full, you’ll be able to simply call our waste removal experts, and we’ll work to remove your waste as quickly as possible. What’s more, in many cases, if you have large quantities of waste to remove, we can collect the waste and leave the mega bag with you for you to refill.

These mega grab bags are perfect for flats, or any property where there is limited parking space. Due to the flexibility of the bag’s material and the simplicity of our collection and removals process, we can provide convenient waste management solutions to properties of all kinds.

For more information on exactly how our mega skip bag hire in Reading and the South of England works, get in touch today!

Mega Skip Bag Hire for Waste Types of All Kinds

R Collard’s industry-leading range of skip bags can be used to deal with a comprehensive range of waste streams. In the past, mega bags have been used to tackle everything from domestic waste to construction waste. Whether you need to deal with large quantities of general waste, or even a variety of waste types, we are here for you.

At R Collard, we can provide:

  • Paper Waste Mega Bags.
  • General Waste Mega Bags.
  • Mixed Waste Mega Grab Bags.
  • Soil & Rubble Mega Bags.
  • Plastic Waste Grab Bags.
  • Cardboard Mega Bags.
  • Scrap Metal Mega Grab Bags.
  • Hardcore Skip Bags.
  • Inert Soil Grab Bags.
  • Green Waste Grab Bags.
  • Wood Skip Bags.
  • Plasterboard-Only Mega Bags.

Our strong, versatile grab bags can handle waste of all kinds. If you need to dispose of mixed waste, or large quantities of one waste type, we are here for you. Even if your waste isn’t suitable for our mega bag hire, we can always provide alternative options to suit your needs.

How Much Waste Can Our Mega Skip Bags Hold?

Our mega bags can hold large quantities of waste to allow for quick and easy disposal of a large quantity of waste types. Our mega skip bags are able to hold up to 1.5 tonnes of waste, while still being easily liftable and removable by our reliable HIAB and grabber machinery. While there are skips we offer which can hold larger quantities of waste, these durable bags offer a flexibility and reliability which is unmatched.

Can A Bathtub Fit into a Mega Bag?

R Collard’s mega bags are large enough to fit almost every kind of bathtub. Some of the other larger pieces of furniture that our grab bags can deal with include kitchen suites, tables and more. If you’re looking for an industry-leading alternative to skip hire to deal with unwanted furniture, don’t hesitate to get in touch with R Collard today.

How Large Are Mega Skip Bags?

At R Collard, the mega skip bags we can provide are large enough to hold a wide range of waste types. Despite that, they are compact enough to allow for easy placement in a wide range of locations, including gardens. The exact specifications of our mega skip bags in Reading are:


70 cm (27.5 Inches)


90 cm (35 Inches)


180cm (70 Inches)

For Local Mega Bag Hire in Reading & Surrounding Areas, Call R Collard Today

Here at R Collard, we can provide a complete range of mega big hire, otherwise known as yellow bag hire, waste bags and bulk bag hire. Whether you need to dispose of domestic or commercial waste, get in touch with our experienced team today. We can work with you to deal with all kinds of waste, from paper waste and general waste to aggregates and more.

For more information on our mega grab skip bag hire services in Reading and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You can reach our local team directly by calling us on 0118 959 0252. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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