3 Yard Skips

Skips from 4 to 40yd with next day delivery availability

Here at R Collard, we are proud to offer a diverse range of skip sizes and styles to suit domestic and commercial properties across the UK. 3-yard skips are one of the most popular kinds of skips for relatively small amounts of waste, or to deal with domestic clear outs and spring cleaning. 3 yard skips, often called mini skips, are a popular size of skip for use in domestic and smaller commercial clearance.

3-yard skips can hold approximately 3 tonnes of waste. As such, they are perfect for smaller clearance projects and dealing with household waste. Thanks to their compact size, they are often positioned in properties where space or access for larger skips is a concern.

Here at R Collard, we can provide a full range of skip sizes and styles to suit your needs. 3-yard mini skips are a great way to deal with most kinds of household waste. They can also be used to deal with garden waste, including some types of aggregates. They are a great option for any small clear-out project, or where space is limited for your property. For example, if you can’t get permission to place your skip on public land, 3-yard skips can often be squeezed onto personal property.

Skip Sizes

Collard is proud to have one of the largest and most comprehensive stock and range of skips and roro’s in the South of England, ranging from 4 to 40 yards. The most popular skips for domestic customers range from 4yd to 8yd.

4yd Skip

Holds approximately 40 black bags.

4’3″ | 1.29m
H: 3′2″ | 0.97m
L: 6′0″ | 1.83m

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6yd Skip

Holds approximately 60 black bags.

 5’0” | 1.52m
H: 4′0″ | 1.22m
L: 8′6″ | 2.60m

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8yd Skip

Holds approximately 80 black bags.

 5’6” | 1.68m
H: 4′ | 1.22m
L: 12′0″ | 3.66m

12yd Skip

Holds approximately 120 black bags.

 5’6” | 1.68m
H: 5′6″ | 1.65m
L: 12′0″ | 3.66m

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Other Skips & RoRo's

We also offer a range of larger Roll-On/Roll-Off skips from 15yd to 40yd, enclosed skips and crane tested skips, available to hire.

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Skip Licences

If you require your skip to be placed on public land or the public highway, you will need a chargeable local authority licence. These can be ordered online with your skip or by phoning us.

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How Large are 3 Yard Skips?

The dimensions of a 3 yard skip:

  • 6 Feet Long (1.82m).
  • 4 Feet Wide (1.22m).
  • 3 Feet High (0.91m).

3 yard skips can hold around 35 black bin bags. As such, they are ideal for dealing domestic and garden waste, or even small amounts of commercial waste.

In addition to 3 Yard Skip Hire, R Collard’s local team can also provide skip hire of all sizes, including:

What Kinds of Waste Can’t Go Into 3 Yard Skips?

There are several kinds of waste types and materials which can’t be disposed of in 3-yard skips. Thanks to their compact sizes, 3-yard skips can often be used to deal with certain aggregates without causing the waste container to become too heavy for safe lifting and disposal.

Some of the waste types which aren’t suitable for disposal in 3 yard skips include:

  • Waste Electrical Equipment & Electronics (WEEE).
  • Hazardous Materials (Including Asbestos & Plasterboard).
  • Gas Cylinders.
  • Tyres.
  • Chemicals.

Do I Need a Permit to Hire a 3 Yard Skip?

As with any other kind of skip, you only need a permit if your skip will be placed on public land. If your skip isn’t blocking a public pathway or public access, you don’t need to apply for a permit or licence. In most cases, 3 yard skips are small enough to comfortably fit on your property, so permits are not required.

Even if, for whatever reason, you do require a permit, we are here for you. The R Collard team can work with you to apply for and get the licence / permit you need.

For Reliable, Local 3 Yard Skip Hire, Call R Collard’s Experienced Team Today!

Here at R Collard, we’re proud to offer a wide range of skip hire services to suit your needs. If you’re looking for compact 3 yard skip hire for any kind of domestic or even commercial waste clearance, we are here for you. For more information, or to arrange delivery of your 3 yard skips, call R Collard today! You can reach our local, experienced team today on 01252 844688. If you prefer, you can use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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