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4 Yard Skips

4 Yard Skips

Skips from 4 Yards to 40 Yards with next day delivery availability

Over the years, R Collard has provided a complete range of skip hire services for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you’re looking to clear out your home or you have large quantities of construction waste to dispose of, we are here for you.

Here at R Collard, we can deliver a diverse range of skip sizes, including 4-yard skips for domestic and small commercial projects. Known as mini skips, 4-yard skips are extremely popular due to their compact size and ability to be positioned in small areas on all manner of properties.

4-yard skips can hold somewhere in the region of 4 tonnes of waste. Thanks to their versatility, they are commonly used for domestic projects, including small constructions and renovation projects. Due to their compact design, these skips can be positioned in areas where space is a concern or accessing with large equipment to deliver/collect the skip is impossible.

Here at R Collard, we’re capable of delivering a comprehensive range of skip sizes and styles. The 4-yard skip hire that we offer is a great way to deal with household waste and small amounts of construction waste. They are also a great option if you need to dispose of garden waste and aggregates like gravel and earth.

4-yard skip hire is a common sight for domestic projects and smaller commercial developments. It offers a more flexible service and can be positioned in areas of limited space. This is particularly beneficial if you can’t get permission to place a larger skip on public land. Most properties can fit a small, 4-yard skip, allowing you to avoid the stress of requesting permission from your local council.

Skip Sizes

Collard is proud to have one of the largest and most comprehensive stock and range of skips and roro’s in the South of England, ranging from 4 to 40 yards. The most popular skips for domestic customers range from 4yd to 8yd.

Holds approximately 40 black bags.

 4’3″ | 1.29m
H: 3′2″ | 0.97m
L: 6′0″ | 1.83m

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Holds approximately 60 black bags.

 5’0” | 1.52m
H: 4′0″ | 1.22m
L: 8′6″ | 2.60m

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Holds approximately 80 black bags.

 5’6” | 1.68m
H: 4′ | 1.22m
L: 12′0″ | 3.66m

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Holds approximately 120 black bags.

 5’6” | 1.68m
H: 5′6″ | 1.65m
L: 12′0″ | 3.66m

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Other Skips & RoRo's

We also offer a range of larger Roll-On/Roll-Off skips from 15yd to 40yd, enclosed skips and crane tested skips, available to hire in the Southampton area.

Skip Licenses

If you require your skip to be placed on public land or the public highway, you will need a chargeable local authority licence.

How Large Are 4 Yard Skips?

The dimensions of a 4-yard skip are as follows:

  • 6 Feet Long (1.83m)
  • 4.3 Feet Wide (1.29m)
  • 3.2 Feet High (0.972m)

For more information on the size of our 4-yard skips, get in touch with R Collard today. We’re happy to provide reliable skip hire to suit your project’s needs!

In addition to 4 Yard Skip Hire, R Collard’s local team can also provide skip hire of all sizes, including:

Are There Any Waste Types Which Can’t Go In 4-Yard Skips?

As with any other kind of skip, there are certain types of waste which these mini skips are unsuitable for. Some of the most common waste types which can’t be disposed of in 4-yard skips include:

  • WEEE (Waste Electrical Equipment & Electronics).
  • Hazardous Materials (Including Plasterboard).
  • Tyres.
  • Chemicals.
  • Gas Cylinders.

Due to their compact size, 4-yard skips are suitable for disposing of aggregates, including gravel and dirt.

Do I Need a Permit for 4-Yard Skip Hire?

While you don’t need a permit to hire a 4-yard skip, you will need a permit to position it on any kind of public land. That includes pavements, public pathways and in the road. Thanks to their size, 4-yard skips can often fit on private property – even those with limited space.

However, if your 4-yard skip does need to be placed on public land, get in touch with R Collard. We can help you to get the permit you need to leave one of our skips in a public pathway.

For Reliable 4-Yard Skip Hire Near You, Call R Collard’s Experienced Team Today!

At R Collard, we can deliver a comprehensive range of 4-yard skip hire services to suit your needs. If you’re looking for 4-yard skip hire in your local area, get in touch with R Collard’s experienced team today. We can provide commercial, domestic and even industrial skip hire to suit your project’s needs.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. To arrange your 4-yard skip hire, or to discuss any other skip hire needs, call R Collard today on 01252 844688. Alternatively, you can use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.