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Waste Reporting & Consultancy

Waste Reporting & Consultancy

Waste Reporting & Consultancy

The Collard Group take our environmental and recycling credentials seriously and we work closely with our customers to achieve the best recycling rates possible.  We provide a complete and fully transparent waste reporting solution and an online portal using live data as well as onsite visits to discuss the best and most cost effective way to segregate waste and to decide which containers suit your project.

We offer consultancy services to improve your waste management practices, reduce your costs, and reach your sustainability goals.  The more we help you to segregate your waste, the easier it is to recycle, and the lower the operational costs.

We advise on how to do this; including what type of containers you need, where they need to be placed, what signage you require, and how you get everybody onsite to put the right items in the right places.

We manage every aspect of waste management and materials handling. From helping you to organise your waste compound, to scheduling your waste collection.

As a Collard customer you can also take advantage of our online Customer Portal, which allows you access to your account 24 hours a day to review your collections, weight analysis, invoicing & a whole host of other features either from your desk or on the move.

The technology we use allows you to make informed decisions based on robust data. At every stage of the process, we collect information about how much waste you’re generating, the composition of your waste, and your recycling rate.

The data we accumulate on your project allows us to analyse the waste and offer suggestions that will not only save money but help you achieve the very best recycling results.

We proudly divert around 98% of your waste from landfill