Skip Licences

Collard Environmental can arrange skip licences across various local authority areas

When will you need a Skip Permit?

If you want your skip to go on a public highway, you will require a skip permit from your local council. 

There can be exceptions where a skip licence is not required on a highway, such as on unadopted roads which are not maintained by the highway authority under the Highways Act 1980. These unadopted roads are most commonly found in quiet residential areas with low traffic volumes (usually just the residents who live on the road).

Who Arranges the Skip Permit?

Collard Environmental will arrange for your skip permit and the local authority charges will be added to your order. The licences can be ordered online or by phoning our offices. Local authority skip licence charges vary significantly and generally start from £30.00.

A skip permit typically lasts one or two weeks, but like many other factors, this depends on the council. Most councils will allow the initial period to be extended; however, there will be an additional fee to extend. If you wish to keep a skip for longer than the agreed permit duration, please contact us as soon as possible.

At least 4 traffic cones must guard skips on the approach towards the skip. At night, lamps must be attached to the skips’ corners and between each cone and shall remain lit throughout the night. These are hired with the skip when a skip permit is ordered.

What happens if i don't have a Permit?

It is illegal for a skip to be on a public highway without a permit. Any skips without a license can be removed without notice and, you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

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