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Aggregates Windsor

Aggregates Windsor

Our Aggregates division produces a wide range of primary and sustainable recycled aggregates for the sale in the Windsor area.

Are you about to begin a construction project and are looking for a company that can supply top quality aggregates at affordable prices? If so, we are here for you. Here at R Collard our wide range of natural and eco-friendly recycled aggregates in Windsor will enhance any construction project. Whether you are a large construction company with a multi-phase development or a homeowner landscaping your garden we can help.

Our wide variety of aggregates will have a positive impact on the strength and durability of any building or landscaping project.

Ideal for use in commercial and domestic projects our comprehensive range of aggregates in Windsor include gravel, topsoil, crushed concrete, and reclaimed sand. We have different methods of delivering our range of aggregates to commercial and domestic customers. They are available in smaller grab bags, bulk deliveries or can if required be produced in situ using the latest technology.

Aggregates in Windsor & Surrounding Areas

The importance of aggregates in the build phase of any project cannot be underestimated as a result it is vital to use the best product available. Our wide variety of aggregates all undergo inspection and certification by a team of independent auditors. This means all our virgin and recycled aggregates in Windsor carry a test certificate guaranteeing quality.

There is now much more pressure on companies to reduce their environmental footprint. By using our complete range of high-grade recycled aggregates in Windsor you can ensure your project remains environmentally friendly.

Here at R Collard, we also have a wide range of quality and non-quality assured ready-mix concretes in Windsor. Our ready-mix concrete is ideal for a range of different tasks from large builds to nominal mixes. To get all the information on our range of aggregates and ready-mix cement products contact our team today.

High-Grade Recycled Aggregates in Windsor

By using industry leading mobile crushing and screening machinery we are able to create a range of top-quality recycled aggregates in Windsor. By regenerating inert waste such as soil, sand, and stone we offer commercial and domestic clients a quality aggregate at an affordable price. All our recycled aggregates are suitable for use in construction projects, landscaping, and home improvement applications.

There are a number of benefits to be gained by using recycled aggregates. The most obvious ones are that it makes your project more environmentally friendly and it can lead to significant reduction in costs. By reducing the need for virgin aggregates you automatically reduce the impact of the extraction process. Another benefit both environmentally and economically is that it reduces the level of transport needed. This is because by regenerating waste products you can remove the need for the removal of waste and landfill and the costs associated with it.

Despite thoughts to the contrary recycled aggregates have been proved to be as structurally reliable as natural aggregates. This means you can contribute to the sustainability of the environment without having to sacrifice the strength, durability, and quality of any construction project. All this makes our recycled aggregates in Windsor a reliable and cost-effective option for commercial and domestic customers.

A Diverse Range of High-Grade Aggregates in Windsor

Here at R Collard our diverse range of naturally produced and recycled aggregates are the ideal choice for any construction or landscaping project. Some of the most commonly used aggregates by our commercial and domestic customers include:

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Grano Dust
  • Secondary Washed Aggregates
  • Topsoil
  • Root Zone Soil
  • Glass Sand
  • Reclaimed Sands

Cement Windsor

At R Collard, we can provide a diverse range of cement in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team can deliver cement and product it on-site to suit your project’s needs. Whether you’re looking for domestic cement, or large quantities of cement in Windsor for commercial projects, get in touch with our local team today.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of local projects in Windsor to maintain an extremely high quality. Our cement production is available to extremely high standards, to suit projects of all kinds. Our experienced team of cement specialists offer a bespoke service to suit your needs.

Whether you require cement production on-site, or cement delivery in Windsor and the surrounding areas, we are here for you. If you’re looking for high-grade cement in Windsor, concrete delivery or specialist concrete pumping, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Concrete Production and Delivery in Windsor

Here at R Collard, we also offer a complete range of ready-mix concrete products in Windsor. Whether you need a quality assured concrete that conforms to British standards B’EN206:2013& A1:2016&BS8500 or a slightly lower grade concrete we have the solution. Irrespective of the type of construction or landscaping project our ready-mix cement is the ideal choice. So, to get information on the benefits offered by our ready-mix concrete in Windsor get in touch today.

BSI Quality Assured Concrete in Windsor

BSI assured concrete is generally used in building work where strength is an essential requirement. Along with conforming with British Standards B’EN206:2013& A1:2016&BS8500 it also complies with other relevant industry standards like NHBC. Our range of quality assured concretes in Windsor are suitable for all manner of projects and applications. To speak to a member of our team about our BSI assured concrete in Windsor get in touch today.

Non-Quality Assured Concrete Production in Windsor

Our non-quality assured concrete is manufactured using the same method as the quality assured variety only using a higher level of recycled materials. While it is considered to be slightly less durable than quality assured concrete it is an ideal and cost-effective option for kerbs, footings, and nominal mixes. To take advantage of our range of easy-to-use ready-mix cements in Windsor call our team without delay.

For Local Aggregates and Cement Production in Windsor call R Collards today

Here at R Collards, we pride ourselves in delivering an industry leading range of aggregates and ready-mix cements in Windsor. So, if you require any of the essential products we supply for commercial, domestic, or industrial construction projects we are here for you. To get all the information on our diverse range of recycled aggregates and ready-mix concrete call the team here at R Collard.