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Environmental Integrity

Environmental Integrity

Looking after the planet

We're reducing our own environmental impact and helping our clients to do the same.

Having championed our ‘recycling the past and future’ ethos for over two decades, sustainability has always been at the heart of our business. Our ability to collect, transport, segregate, process and recycle waste, coupled with our low emissions fleet and state of the art plant underpin our net zero objectives and ambition to become carbon neutral.

Targeting carbon zero

Maximising recycling rates and the re-use of materials in construction

Driven by a zero-waste-to-landfill commitment, we take your waste and make it useful again in construction by turning it into premium recycled aggregates and award-winning ready-mix concrete.

At the heart of our sustainability strategy are nine state-of-the-art recycling centres that can process one million tonnes of your waste each year. In 2022 we diverted 91.6% of waste from landfill.

Targeting zero waste to landfill

Recycling the past for the future

Diverting 1m tonnes of waste material from landfill every year

Our journey to net zero

We recognise the urgency of responding to climate change and championing a greener, more sustainable future by:
  • Using new technology to measure and shape our carbon reduction actions
  • Repurposing waste for construction, saving 98.1% of CO2e in 2022 alone
  • Investing around £8m annually in fleet, plant, and vehicles and replacing them every five years to take advantage of more fuel-efficient models
  • Using sophisticated GPRS to track journeys to calculate emissions and minimise them where we can
  • Laying the foundations for an electric fleet with charging point infrastructure
  • Recruiting more locally to reduce miles travelled
  • Planting trees at our sites to absorb carbon and wetlands to create healthy ecosystems

Ensuring environmental compliance

You can rest assured that our recycling facilities operate in line with environmental permits and are accredited to ISO 14001. These industry-approved standards underpin our systems, processes, and operations.