R Collard
R Collard Divider

Meet the team

Meet the team

Group Managing Director

Robert Collard

Divisional Managing Director

Gary Walsh

The management team

In order to enable on-time delivery and guarantee that all of our clients’ expectations are satisfied, the management team of the business unit responsible for demolition and enabling offers a special combination of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

We never stop seeking for and developing the best talent in the business. Deploying and using the knowledge and expertise required for the efficient completion of our contacts.

Work winning

Work Winning Manager
(Estimating Manager)

Richard Harris

(Demolition & Enabling)

Contracts Manager

Joe Rumboll

Contracts Manager

Phil Shelley

Contracts Manager

Sam Tunnicliff

Contracts Manager

Dean Pedrick

(Asbestos Management)

Operations Director
(Asbestos Management)

Julien Sheldrake

Operations Manager

Bryan Dart

Business Development

Business Development Coordinator

Madison Dunn

Health, Safety & Environmental

Demolition HSEQ Manager

Sonny Barter