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Self delivery model

Self delivery model

Collard Group is very proud of how every year it makes a significant investment to further enhance and support its fully integrated self-delivery business model. (£8m in 2023)

That investment in management, operatives, plant & equipment and infrastructure, is designed to ensure that the business has everything at its disposal to ensure every aspect of the project delivery is under the management and control of a single organisation.

One Stop Shop

The whole of the Collard Group ethos is focused on providing its clients with a single source solution, a one-stop-shop to manage and deliver, every aspect of project delivery.

Collard is the complete package:

Regardless of the complexity or logistical challenges of the projects, clients, the design team and other stakeholders can be rest assured that the full resources of the Collard Group will be brought to bear in order to ensure every aspect of the project is fully resourced, planned and delivered to the agreed standards.

Clients having that single point of contact, for all of the above is designed to help ensure a smooth and consistent approach to all aspects of project delivery.