Ready Mix Concrete


Ready Mix Concrete

Here at R Collard, we are constantly looking for ways to deliver a better, more comprehensive service to our customers and clients. Our experienced team continue to develop new products and services in a sustainable and competitive fashion. As part of our dedication to our customers, we're proud to offer a complete range of ready-mixed concrete to suit your needs. We can provide both non-quality assured and quality assured ready-mixed concrete, depending on your project's requirements.

Our ability to make ready mix concrete using construction and demolition waste is unique. We’re proud to have been awarded the MRW National Recycling Awards (2020) accolade for Recycling Facility of the Year. By investing in R&D, plant and equipment we believe we’ve become the first company to produce a range of BSEN206 8500 standard ready mix concrete products using recycled concrete aggregates. We demolish, process the arisings and return the same material in a different format back to site for an alternative use. This ensures landfill and virgin material cost savings for clients and, most importantly, reduces the carbon footprint of their operations. The award recognises companies who are an inspiration example to others. The judges said we were the stand-out winner with a great example of a closed loop solution and a sound operation with good figures to back it up.

At R Collard, we can provide two different versions of ready-mixed concrete to suit your needs, including:

BSI Quality Assured Concrete - Production BS EN 206:2013 + A1:2016 & BS 8500

This quality assured concrete is extremely high-quality and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. This British Standard ready-mixed concrete is suited for high-strength and design mixes where the specificer needs to meet particular standards. The quality assured concrete we provide is able to meet a range of industry standards, including NHBC.

Non-Quality Assured Concrete Production

R Collard can also provide non-quality assured ready-mixed concrete. This concrete is produced in exactly the same way as our quality assured concrete, but there is a higher percentage of recycled products in the mix. This concrete is a more sustainable option for all kinds of features, including footings, kerbing and nominal mixes where strength guarantees are less of a priority.

Non-quality assured ready-mixed concrete is economical and extremely competitively priced. If you're looking to cut costs without compromising quality, get in touch with R Collard's experienced team today.

BSI quality assured products are produced in line with the British Standard specification whereby the production of aggregates, sands and cements are all part of the assessment as well as the actual production process itself. Our new state of the art concrete batching plant is designed and built in Ireland by McCrory Engineering.

Concrete Plant Overview

Manufacturer: McCrory Engineering

Capacity: 90m3 per hour

Mixer: BHS Sonthofen – twin shaft 3.0m3 dry filling, 2.0m3 batch output

Cement storage capacity: 200 tonnes

Aggregate bins: 6

Services: Collections, deliveries, Screeds, Foam Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC), Waterproof concrete, Fibre Concrete and high strength concretes all available. Please call and speak to our dedicated team for further information on the full range of products and services available.














Efficient and award-winning logistics

Concrete can be ordered and delivered the same day our award winning logistic uses various vehicles for deliveries mixer trucks (4m3, 6m3 & 8m3) and various size tipper trucks for dry lean.

Our ready-mixed concrete plant is set up to produce many types of concrete. The concrete mixes have been designed to meet the potential specifications of our clients. The constituent materials are batched by weight and not volume. This means that the concrete batched will be as originally designed and comply to the rigorous quality control systems implemented.

There are 5 main categories which have been devised to assist in the ordering of the concrete dependent on the needs and technical awareness of the customer. Although concrete can be ordered by discussion and arrangement with us here at R Collard Ltd. The British Standard BS 8500-1 Concrete - Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206 (in 2 parts) has been used by industry from December 2003 (replacing BS 5328). Using this standard, concrete shall be specified either as;

Designated concrete
Designed concrete
Prescribed concrete
Standardised prescribed concretes
or Proprietary concrete

all conforming to part 2 of BS 8500 and BS EN 206 Concrete, Specification, performance, production and conformity.

BS 8500 was revised and republished in 2015 to reflect that BS EN 206-1 (2000) and BS EN 206-9 (2010) Concrete: Additional rules for self-compacting concrete have been revised and rationalised as a single Standard BS EN 206:2013.


Record keeping and monitoring

Our concrete batching plant is completely automated, allowing all data and batch records to be recorded. This automatic information comes from computerised systems with input from load cells on materials weigh scales, flow meters on water and admixture dispensers, moisture contents from meters fitted to the aggregate bins and concrete mixer.

Our batch records comprise the following:
- information related to the identification of the load
- size of the load in cubic metres
- theoretical quantities of constituents to be batched, (which are the mix proportions
for a cubic metre multiplied by the load size)
- moisture contents of the aggregates
- required quantities of constituents to be batched, (which are the theoretical quantities
after adjustment for the moisture content of the aggregates)
- the actual quantities batched
- the difference between the required quantity and the actual quantity. (This information
may be used to confirm that the batching tolerances have been achieved. It is rare
that the exact required quantities are batched and this is why standards permit
small batching tolerances)
- the effective or total w/c ratio for the load

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