Environmental Management System


Sustainability is a key issue for the construction sector and there is much that can be done during the enabling phases of projects to contribute to their overall environmental performance.

R Collard Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS), which is certificated against International Standard ISO 14001, that provides the discipline to ensure we minimise the impact our demolition activities have on the local and global environments.

During the mobilisation phase our Environmental Team carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment to evaluate the key issues to be managed during demolition projects including:


We have established measures for minimising pollution: Use of non-percussive demolition techniques reduce the transmission of noise and vibration; structures will typically be scaffolded and water spray applied during the works to prevent emissions of dust. Monitoring of noise, vibration and air quality can be undertaken to demonstrate compliance with set limits.


Our in-house expertise in waste management is applied to maximise the value and environmental benefit of demolition arisings. Pre-demolition audits will identify any items which can be salvaged and re-used. Our in-house plant and logistics resources are used to segregate, collect, transport, process and recycle wastes generated by demolition. Our average recovery and recycling rates of demolition wastes exceed 98% .

Ecology and biodiversity

We have developed sophisticated processes and procedures for safeguarding protected species that are identified as inhabiting the sites we work on as well as measures to protect trees and other vegetation marked for retention.


A traffic management plan will be prepared and submitted for approval during the lead-in phase which contains our proposals and methods for minimising and coordinating vehicle movements and the use of traffic marshals to maintain safety and minimise disruption to the local traffic system.

Local community

Minimising disturbance to the community is a key element to the successful delivery of sustainable demolition projects. R Collard has an excellent track record in investing, engaging and supporting the communities in which we operate. Developing and maintaining good communications is a key consideration and every effort is made to work around the daily routines of nearby residents, businesses, visitors and any other stakeholders.

Data and evidence of all of these activities can be passed to the Environmental Consultant to assist clients in demonstrating compliance with sustainability ratings such as BREEAM and Ska.


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