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Metal Recycling Scrapyard in Wokingham

Virtually all metal waste can be recycled into new metal products, generally of equivalent quality. This capability suits our long-term commitment to the sustainability concept of closed-loop recycling.

We accept all metals at our processing plant ("scrapyard") in Wokingham and pay competitive prices for scrap metal and surplus metal. Ferrous metals are sorted and processed on-site. Steel is bulked, compressed and cut using mobile shear equipment to bespoke sizes. This specialist plant can be also be transported to your site to process scrap metal in situ. Non-ferrous metals are segregated and sent to a specialist plant for recycling.

We are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard giving you the assurance that all scrap metal will be handled responsibly.

We can also collect your scrap metal: please call us to arrange collection.

Scrap Cars in Wokingham

We scrap cars at our Wokingham yard.  We have facilities on-site to depollute end-of-life vehicles. This equipment depollutes every aspect of the car including the complete removal of liquids such as petrol, diesel and coolant. The scrap car is then dismantled. Once separated, the various components are processed for recycling.

Call us on 01189 795987 for current scrap metal prices or to arrange collection and/or recycling

See our latest metal recycling and car scrapping video:

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