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Metal Recycling Scrapyard in Wokingham

Here at R Collard, we are committed to providing a reliable, long-term environmentally friendly solution to all our clients. Almost all the metal which arrives at our Wokingham scrapyard, including scrap cars, is recycled into new metal products. Whether we collect the metal as part of our scrap collection services, or it arrives in one of our skips for scrap metal, we attempt to recycle as much as possible. The ability to recycle metal waste in large quantities is an important part of our long-term commitments to closed-loop recycling. Sustainability is extremely important, and we are dedicated to doing our part.

We accept all kinds of metallic waste at out processing plant (scrapyard) in Wokingham. In fact, we pay competitive prices for all scrap metal and surplus metal. If you need to clear skip metal from your property, we can provide hard-wearing, reliable skips to deal with the waste.

How Does R Collard Deal with Scrap Metals?

Whether you deliver the waste yourself, or it arrives in one of our skips for scrap metal, we take care that all metal is recycled in the most effective manner possible. All ferrous metals we collect are sorted and processed on-site. Some other metals, like steel, are bulked, compressed and cut to fit bespoke sizes. Thanks to our mobile shear equipment, we can cut steel and other metals quickly and safely.
Non-ferrous metals are also segregated and sent to a specialist metal plant for recycling. That way, we can offer a comprehensive scrap metal collection and recycling service to all our clients and customers.

Scrap Metal: Delivery and Collection

If you need a hard-wearing, reliable option for scrap metal collection, R Collard is here for you. We deliver containers in a wide range of sizes which can deal with all kinds of scrap metal waste. Our experienced team can also ensure that the skip is collected on time to free up essential space on your property. Whether you need a domestic or commercial skip to deal with scrap metal, get in touch with R Collard’s experienced team today.

R Collard is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. That means we are a trusted, effective provider of Environmental Management Systems. You can trust us to responsibly handle and recycle all the scrap metal that we collect.
If you’re looking for scrap metal collection for recycling in the Wokingham area, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Scrap Cars in Wokingham

At R Collard, we are also able to process scrap cars for recycling at our scrapyard in Wokingham. Simply bring the car (or let us collect it) and we’ll ensure that the scrap car is depolluted and treated responsibly. Thanks to our industry-leading equipment, we can depollute every aspect of the car, including removing potential hazards. We can safely remove petrol, oils and coolant from your car.

Following the depollution, we will dismantle your scrap car, and ensure that each component is processed for recycling. This is the most effective way of disposing of, and recycling, your scrap car.

Whether you’re looking for current scrap metal prices, skips for scrap metals or to arrange scrap car recycling, we are here for you. Simply call our experienced team today on 01189 795987 or use our simple online contact form today!

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