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Here at R Collard, we can provide a complete range of roll-on, roll-off lorries to deliver 20-yard and 40-yard skips to a wide range of clients. Our experienced team can deliver large skips and waste containers to deal with large quantities of waste types. When you need to transport large quantities of waste, from heavy waste to lighter waste types, we are here for you. Our roll-on, roll-off lorries can be used to transport extremely large waste containers to all kinds of properties, including construction sites, industrial properties and large commercial areas.

RoRo skips are reliable pieces of equipment which are available in a diverse range of sizes. Roll on, roll off skips are typically much large than standard domestic skips. These skips and waste containers are perfect for large projects, in addition to construction and industrial projects. If you need to dispose of a high volume of waste safely and efficiently, roro skips are an extremely popular choice.

Here at R Collard, we can provide roll on, roll off containers and skips up to 40 yards in size. Our experienced team can safely deliver and position roro skips on your property. We have helped all projects to successfully complete, including:

  • Demolition & Construction.
  • Safe Transport and Disposal of Manufacturing Waste.
  • Multi-Storey Clear-Outs.
  • Large Landscaping Projects.
  • Large Roadworks and Infrastructure Projects.

What are the Benefits of RoRo Skips?

Roll on, roll off skips offer a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional skips. They can be used to deal with a much greater amount of waste at once, helping you to save money and speed up all kinds of projects. Whether you’re looking for a 20-yard roro skip or a huge 40-yard roro container, we are here for you.

Roro skips are not only large enough to tackle a huge quantity of waste, they can also be quickly and easily collected from your property. Their design allows them to be picked up easily, even when they’re full.

When you choose to take advantage of reliable RoRo skips, you’ll be able to reap a wide range of benefits throughout your project. Some of the great advantages include:

  • Reduced Overall Waste Management Costs.
  • Minimised On-Site Disruption.
  • Fewer Waste Collections Throughout Your Project.
  • Reduction in Carbon Footprint.

Please be aware that, due to their size, RoRo skips and containers require suitable site access. If you’re concerned that limited site access means you can’t take advantage of roll on, roll off containers, get in touch today.

How Much Waste Can a RoRo Skip Hold?

Obviously, the size of your roro skip will affect how much waste you’ll be able to hold at any one time. However, they can all hold significantly more than a traditional design of skip. A 20-yard roro skip will normally hold around 220 standard black bin bags of waste. A 40-yard roll on, roll off container will hold around 440 of the same bags.

If you need to deal with a large volume of waste, roll on, roll off skips are a great option. They can safely and efficiently handle large quantities of waste. Whether you need to dispose of general waste, construction waste, or natural waste from landscaping projects, roro containers are always a great choice.

How Much Does Roll On, Roll Off Skip Hire Cost?

If you want to hire a roro skip or waste container for your project, there are many different factors which will influence the cost. Just some of these factors to consider will include:

  • The Size of the Skip.
  • How Accessible the Site Is.
  • How Long You Require the RoRo Skip For.
  • The Type of Waste the Container Will Need to Handle.

Before enquiring, it is also best to have a rough idea of the above consideration. That will help the R Collard team to give you an accurate price for your roro skip hire.

20 & 40 Yard Skip Hire with Roll-On, Roll-Off Lorries

Thanks to our experience and fleet of powerful roll-on, roll-off lorries, we’re able to quickly and professionally deliver large skips and waste containers to suit your needs. The various sizes and styles of skips and waste containers we can provide are able to deal with all manner of waste types.

Our range of 20-yard waste containers can deal with all manner of heavy waste, including hardcore, wood and even plasterboard. Our experienced team will ensure that this waste is separated and dealt with in the environmentally friendliest way possible. Wherever possible, we will avoid sending your waste to a landfill site and always endeavour to recycle waste.

Our extremely large 40-yard skips and waste containers can deal with large volumes of waste. However, there are limits on the kinds of waste it can be expected to deal with. 40 yard skips are suitable for lightweight and general waste, including furniture and office waste. If you need to clear out any large commercial property, including offices or retail outlets, 40 yard skip hire can be essential.

Roll-On, Roll-Off Lorry Hire

At R Collard, our roll-on, roll-offs are some of the most reliable vehicles we use. Our roll-on, roll-off skips and lorries have a 15-tonne payload and can be sealed during transportation. In addition to industry-leading ro-ro’s our drivers are all equipped with CPCS and CSCS cards. All our drivers and operators are also accredited to the relevant competency for their vehicle or plant.

If you’re looking for professional roll-on, roll-off lorries and 40-yard skip hire, we are here for you. Simply get in touch with our experienced team today by calling 01252 844688.

While roll-on, roll-off lorries are perfect for industrial or commercial use, we also provide a wide range of domestic skip hireservices at competitive prices. To arrange your skip delivery, or to discuss your project’s needs, get in touch with R Collard today.

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