Inert waste


Inert wastes, which we accept from demolition sites, skip hire and construction muck-away, typically include concrete, hardcore and excavated spoil. We process, crush and wash inert wastes ready for re-use in construction projects, minimising the environmental impact.

At our Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs), the wastes are segregated ready for processing into individual material streams: Mixed soils and rubble are separated using a trommel screen. The soil is exported for re-use, either as topsoil or for land reinstatement. Stony soil and rubble go through our wash plant to create a supply of sorted recycled aggregate suitable for re-use in construction and civil engineering projects.

We have invested heavily in specialised crushing equipment to produce high quality crushed concretes to various grades, including the highest Department of Transport (DOT) certified material. Our recycled aggregates, available in all sizes and grades are ready for use in a range of applications and can be delivered or collected from our quarry. View our accreditations

We supply the recycled aggregate to key construction and civil engineering developments in the area and our industry-leading recycling rates help provide our customers with evidence of environmental best-practice.

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