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Asbestos Removal Reading

Asbestos Removal Reading

We manage the entire process including surveying, HSE notification and the removal and safe disposal in full compliance with regulations.

We have the knowledge, experience, management systems and resources to safely manage asbestos removal in Reading from a wide range of properties including homes, businesses, school buildings, hospitals and various other public buildings.

Our experienced teams and highly trained and skilled operational workforce ensure that asbestos is removed quickly and safely to ensure that it does not cause any long term health problems. We also ensure that asbestos is safely transported and disposed of in fully licenced facilities.

By working closely with our Demolition team, we can streamline projects and prevent the presence of asbestos from becoming a major impediment in any project. Thanks to our experience and understanding, we can ensure that all our clients remain compliant to all health and safety regulations when it comes to removing hazardous materials.

We can help you solve your hazardous material problem through a suite of interlinked risk management and environmental solutions, including asbestos surveying. We partner and collaborate with professionals across a range of sectors, including environmental scientists & analysts, land remediation professionals, plus heritage & conservation specialists to bring our customers peace of mind that their environment has been made safe to live and work in.

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