R Collard’s experienced team can provide a complete range of earthworks services to all kinds of properties. We are one of the leading earthworks contractors in South England. With more than 20 years’ experience behind us,...


R Collard’s experienced team can provide a complete range of earthworks services to all kinds of properties. We are one of the leading earthworks contractors in South England. With more than 20 years’ experience behind us, we’re able to carry out complete earthworks and groundworks services. As we have access to industry-leading machinery and equipment, we’re able to provide a complete range of earthworks services.

Whether you’re looking for domestic, commercial or public sector earthworks, R Collard is here for you. We’re proud to be able to deliver our industry-leading earthworks services to properties of all kinds. Our engineers and technicians can work to improve the value and performance of any environmental project.

Earthworks Contractors for Engineering Projects

Here at R Collard, we’re able to deliver a complete range of earthworks projects. In the past, we’ve been able to carry out successful earthworks and groundworks projects, including:

  • Bulk Earthworks.
  • Land Remediation.
  • Landfill Linings and Capping.
  • Golf Course Construction.
  • Sounds Bunds (Acoustic Landscaping).
  • Earthworks Plant Hire.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced team to completely manage your earthworks project, or to hire reliable machinery and equipment, call R Collard today. Our earthworks contractors are dedicated to delivering the best possible service to all our clients. Thanks to our expert earth and groundworks, you’ll be able to increase the value of your project.

Our services can offer a wide range of benefits to any environmental engineering project, including transport, construction and civil engineering projects.

Bulk Earthworks

Thanks to bulk earthworks, our engineers and technicians can move large quantities of earth in a short period of time. We can completely reshape properties and landscapes to suit your needs. Whether you need a piece of land levelling, excavating or re-depositing, we are here for you. As part of our bulk earthworks’ services, our contractors can provide a complete service including surveying, volumetric analysis and more.

Land Remediation

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians can carry out comprehensive land remediation for all kinds of properties. If any piece of land has been used as part of an industrial property, it is likely that it will have been damaged or potentially contaminated. The use of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and certain chemicals (including fertilisers) can pose a health risk to contractors, residents and future inhabitants of the property.

R Collard can provide a complete land remediation service, involving sampling and testing of the contaminated soil. Where required, we can provide a complete excavation service, involving treatment and re-depositing of the earth.earthworks contractors All our land remediation projects are carried out under the strictest regulations to deliver completely effective, and safe, results.

Just some of the land remediation services our earthworks contractors can provide include:

  • Pick & Sorting.
  • Bio-Remediation.
  • Soil Stabilisation.
  • Screening & Sorting.
  • Soil Washing.
  • Pumping & Treating.

Landfill Linings & Capping

At R Collard, we can provide complete landfill lining and capping to minimise the landfill’s impact on the surrounding environment. Our engineers can line any landfill with specially engineered materials to provide a low-permeability barrier, in addition to powerful synthetic membranes. Thanks to our landfill lining and capping services, we can contain all manner of hazardous wastes and general waste, preventing them from affecting the surrounding area.

We can line and cap any landfill with these materials, in addition to clays extracted from inert waste, to prove a fully sustainable solution to landfill requirements. Our in-house team will deliver the material to your site. From there, our engineers and technicians can quickly and safely install these lines and caps to prevent hazardous waste from impacting the surrounding area.

Golf Course Construction

Our industry-leading team have the experience and equipment to construct all manner of golf courses. We can create courses with a wide range of gradients, obstacles and materials to create simple, challenging and enjoyable golf courses. Whether you’re looking to create a private gold course, or a public space, we are here for you.

Sound Bunds

Sound bunds are increasingly popular as part of modern earthworks and landscaping. They are used as natural sound barriers to prevent noise pollution and control the spread of sound across the landscape. We can install natural sound bunds alongside civil engineering projects, and load engineering projects like roads, motorways and more to limit noise pollution.

Earthworks Plant Hire

We can provide a wide range of essential plant hire equipment for all kinds of earthworks. R Collard has access to industry-leading machinery and equipment which can be used to carry out all kinds of earthworks projects. Our earthworks contractors can provide diggers, excavators and other essential equipment to help you complete your project on-time and on-budget. All our equipment undergoes regular maintenance to ensure it delivers the most reliable service to all our clients.

Just some of the plant hire that our earthworks contractors can provide include:

  • Earthworks Excavators – 13 to 60 Tonnes.
  • Screeners – Single-Belt, Three-Way & Trommel.
  • Crushers - Jaw & Impact.
  • Bulldozers – Caterpillar D6.
  • Loading Shovels.
  • Dumpers & Tippers.

Local Earthworks Contractors in Southern England

Here at R Collard, our earthworks contractors can carry out a complete range of services and projects to suit your needs. Based in the South of England, we are proud of our reputation and customer-focused service.

Call R Collard for Earthworks Contractors and Plant Hire in Southern England

Over the years, our experienced team of earthworks contractors have worked for a wide range of domestic, commercial and public sector clients. We have the experience, understanding and equipment to deliver comprehensive earthwork projects on-time and on-budget.

For more information on the wide range of earthworks services that our contractors, engineers and technicians can provide, get in touch today. You can reach our experts directly by calling us on 01252 844688. If you prefer, you can use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.   

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