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Case Studies / Limberline Road, Portsmouth

Limberline Road, Portsmouth

Limberline Road lies in the north east of Portsmouth, within a predominantly industrial area. This project involved the demolition of numerous existing buildings. The site has been previously used for industrial type buildings with associated hardstanding and external yard areas.

Planning was approved at the 4.5 acre site in Portsmouth to develop seven Grade A  units with available space ranging between 5,479 sq ft to 61,527 sq ft.

Collard undertook the demolition and significant enabling works to facilitate these future works

Summary of the Scope of Works:

Extensive perimeter hoarding
Asbestos removal or asbestos remediation works
Demolition of a number of significant structures
Temporary works (Excavation)
Demolition of the building down to the underside of the ground floor structural slab levels and all existing foundations were broken out in full
Backfilling the resulting void with a compacted engineered fill
All external slabs were broken and crushed onsite for re-use

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