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HMRC Worthing

This project was for the proposed redevelopment of the existing Inland Revenue site in Worthing, West Sussex.

The works included extensive asbestos removal and the demolition of complex structures to enable a planned mixed-use development of houses, flats, retirement apartment and a new care home.

Historically the site comprised part of an open field and a brickworks before being redeveloped for office use with the western part of the site remaining undeveloped.

The site is bound by a railway line, residential housing, commercial buildings and associated car park.

Summary of the Scope of Works:

Removal of Asbestos contaminated materials across the entire complex
Demolition sequenced to minimise the effect of the surrounding residential area
Removal of large quantity of notifiable asbestos contained under district heating system
Break up and crushing if existing group slabs
Piling mat laid to facilitate new building foundations

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