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Case Studies / Horlicks Factory, Slough

Horlicks Factory, Slough

The historic Former Horlicks 12.3-acre site comprised of various commercial/industry factory buildings, 7 storey water tower plus the 1906 original Horlicks factory which is a listed structure.

The works required the demolition of a 30 m the water tower and all surrounding Factory buildings. The original main factory was preserved to enable the structure to be altered to accommodate redevelopment of flats, café, cinema and gym, adjacent to new blocks of flats where the former factories once stood.

All demolition arisings were processed for use in piling mats and to facilitate the new construction.

The demolition works themselves was a particular complex operation, not just in terms of protecting the varied listed structures that required retaining, but also the added complexity of dealing with structures of varied construction types dating back the turn of the century, all of which required different structural assessment and method.

Summary of the Scope of Works:

Soft strip
Asbestos removal, notifiable and non-notifiable
Full structural demolition – various multiple storey construction
Partial demolition
Structural alteration demolition, remove the roof from 1906 factory, create 4 floor atrium, multiple
Crushing and certifying recycled materials on site.
Pile mat construction – including obstruction removal.
Temporary works, structural propping / ground water management / lifting / Handrails / air monitoring / dust monitoring / movement monitoring

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