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Case Studies / Trinity House, Oxford

Trinity House, Oxford

The site was located within Oxford Business Park at Trinity House.

The works comprised of the soft strip and demolition of the existing building. The demolition was required to make way for a new multi-storey science research facility.

For this demolition project, Collards formed the role of the primary contractor for the duration of the programme.

The demolition of the building included the grubbing up and removal of the existing foundations as well as the demolition of the reinforced concrete frame superstructure. Collards also removed and capped off the gas supply and the data /communications from the building.

Summary of the Scope of Works:

Demolition of the steel frame building with concrete plan infill.
Demolition of the existing building alongside the removal of all foundations with no maximum depth.
Identification and location of all asbestos containing materials before removal and safe disposal.
Installation of the feeder piler and the temporary builders supply for our electrical contractor.
Crush all site material to a 6F2 grade, then sample and certificate before handing over.
Removal of all hard standings.
Install and record the vibration level with a sub-contractor installed system of 8 monitors around the site boundary.

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